The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(7)

By: K.A. Merikan

This wasn’t what he wanted to get. He tried to slide out of Tooth’s grip but it was useless, those hands were as steady as slabs of metal. Used to holding a gun, his imagination suggested. Thanks, imagination. “Oh come on, I thought we were making a deal.” His breath hitched, unveiling his fear.

“I don’t make deals with little boys,” answered Tooth, and Luci could have sworn his tormentor moved behind him. Before he could think of a way to use this to his advantage, there was a swish in air, and he curled around the bike at the shock of pain that spread all over his buttocks.

Luci cried out with eyes wide open and bucked his hips in an attempt to squirm out of the grip. “Don’t!” He managed to lift himself enough to swat Tooth’s arm with his hand. The hit was so pathetic it made Luci growl in dissatisfaction, especially when the next lick of the belt was even harder. And it was the same belt Luci had handed to Tooth himself, delivering the instrument of his torment.

“Did I ask you to touch me?” asked Tooth coolly.

“Yes!” Luci hissed, barely holding back tears, his ass pulsing with heat after the hit. “You told me to hold on to you. I was just doing that!”

“That wasn’t what you were doing,” said Tooth, and yet another blow had Luci squirm for breath. His ass felt stiff with the power of the hit.

Hot tears spilled down his cheeks, the salty drops quickly reaching his lips. It wasn’t as bad as getting hit on the head before, but the different kind of pain squeezed tears out of him as if Tooth’s belt were a human juicer. “I was just messing around! Stop it or I’ll tell my dad!” He tried to kick Tooth, but missed his target.

The next smack had him hugging the bike in a useless attempt to hide, and Tooth’s laugh only made it worse. “You really want to tell your father that I spanked you like a little kid?”

Luci’s lips trembled against his will. Of course he didn’t. The old man would probably just laugh at him like Tooth did. “No,” he uttered with a quiet sob. His whole body tensed in anticipation of the next swish. Even his mom had never disciplined him like this.

But the next hit didn’t come. “Have you learned your lesson? Don’t fuck with me,” said Tooth in the same level tone as before.

Luci sniffed and rubbed his face. He was not talking to this bastard. He was above it. On wobbly legs, he straightened up as soon as the hand was gone off his back. His ass felt like pulverized meat, pulsing with heat and pain. He slouched and put his hands into the pockets of the jacket. There was a lighter in there, but not much else.

“Apologize,” said Tooth, his face as expressive as a white wall.

“I was just saying ‘hello’ to your dick, that’s all.” Fucking eyes wouldn’t stop welling up. Luci took a step back, but in his heart he knew making a run for it wasn’t an option in a dead-end street like this.

Tooth wouldn’t budge and slowly raised the looped belt again. “Apologize. I will not ask a third time.”

Luci looked up at him, sure his teary eyes wouldn’t do a thing to make Tooth’s cold heart budge. “I’m sorry,” he muttered and pushed away some of his hair. He needed to wash it so bad.

“Apology accepted.” Tooth nodded and casually slipped the belt back into the loops of his jeans. He quickly closed the buckle and gestured to the bike. “Let’s go.”

Luci’s heart was still pounding when he sat on the bitch seat and grabbed on to the metal bar behind it. He needed to find a way out of this situation. Maybe he wasn’t one for long-term planning, but he didn’t like chaos either.

They sped through the streets, but with Tooth clearly trying to avoid the city’s major arteries, they didn’t get stuck anywhere, and soon Luci realized they were heading to the compound close to his former house. Throughout the years away from home, he’d avoided that area at all cost, but there he was, shipped back like bounced mail. Tooth was a menacing presence right in front of him, and being alone together no longer seemed like an opportunity for negotiation. His ass could vouch for that.

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