The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(8)

By: K.A. Merikan

It felt like ages until they got to the ugly looking building. Tooth rode past it and circled the compound to approach a back gate. A young guy ran out and put in a code on the other side to open it for Tooth. As they passed, Luci heard a whistle. There wouldn’t be much of that when he took off the jacket and revealed that in fact he didn’t have boobs. It felt like being a little fly, pulled right into the middle of the web by a spider.

Tooth parked his bike in front of the entrance and got off, briefly waving at the guy who let them in. “Come on,” he said to Luci, indicating the half-open doors. After the ride, his hair was even bushier than before.

Luci looked to the tall gate locking behind them. Would he even survive this? “What do you want from Suzy anyway?” He got off and put his hands in the pockets of the jacket.

“We won’t hurt her,” replied Tooth after a moment’s thought, “but she stopped responding to calls, and she owes us. The sooner we find her, the better for her, believe me.” He pushed Luci toward the door. In the lamplight, Luci could see two beat-up leather chairs and a bar.

He pushed back Tooth’s hand. “I’m going, jeez.” He looked around for possible ways out, but there were no windows. “If I tell you what I know, can I go?” he asked, but couldn’t help a smile when he saw a big, furry white cat sitting on the empty counter. The smile faded the moment Tooth declined.

“No. Your father wants to talk to you,” he said and pulled Luci across the lounge bar. It was a simple room, with reddish tiles on the floor and wood-covered walls. A banner with the club emblem took up a large portion of one of the walls, surrounded by framed photos of patched members of the Detroit chapter of Coffin Nails. The space was divided between a lounging area with a television and several chairs, and the bar with a collection of glasses and many bottles of liquor on the shelves behind it.

“Oh, yeah? He hasn’t bothered for nineteen years, and now all of a sudden he wants to talk?” Luci pouted.

“Who you got there, Tooth?” asked a female voice from a sofa in the far back, but they were going the other way and he didn’t get to see who it was.

Tooth’s hand tightened on Luci’s shoulder as he pushed him through to the corridor. “An informant.”

“Where are we going?” Luci moaned as Tooth led him down a corridor adorned with even more club photos. “Will I have to stay the night?”

Tooth glanced at him like someone very tired of his babbling. “As long as Priest wants you to,” he said as they started climbing up the stairs. The second floor looked plain but tidy with the dark carpeting on the floor and white walls.

“I’ve got business to attend to, you know. And my hair looks shit. I can’t go back there like this.” Not to mention the bruises that were most probably blooming on his skin. No one would want a lapdance from someone with bruises all over their ass.

“It’s gonna be a while till they’re back. You can wash your hair,” said Tooth, opening the door to the second room on the left. When the lights went on, Luci saw a large bedroom, all tidied up, and without much unnecessary clutter. The walls were gray, with band posters in neat frames, and the whole room projected a calm atmosphere. This was a place to relax, with a king-size bed, a flat-screen TV, and a collection of books and DVDs displayed in two simple shelving units.

“Not a holding cell?” Luci snooped around and unzipped the jacket. A neat white bathroom was visible through a half-open door to the side.

Tooth snorted, as if Luci just reminded him of some grim joke. With a man like that, Luci wouldn’t be surprised. “No, it’s my room.”

“Oh, you’re letting me into your love nest, I get it.” Luci casually dropped to the soft bedding. He didn’t want the guy to think he got to him with that thick belt of his. The mattress was on the harder side, but still didn’t hurt Luci’s beat-up ass too bad.

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