The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(9)

By: K.A. Merikan

Tooth raised his eyebrows and closed the door. “Not really,” he said and toed off his boots.

Luci rolled over to his stomach and watched the big, bad biker. “So watcha gonna do if I don’t tell you anything?”

Tooth leaned against the wall and shook his head. “You know why they call me Tooth? It’s short for ‘Tooth Fairy’. I like taking people’s teeth,” he declared with a sinister calmness.

Luci swallowed the first joke that came to his mind. The atmosphere got dense, and it wasn’t that pleasant tingle like flirting with someone. “Oh. Like, for real?” he whispered in the end and sat on the side of the bed. His gaze trailed to the necklace dangling from Tooth’s neck, and all of a sudden, the fragrant leather jacket felt too hot and confining. The necklace was shaped like a skull, but he could clearly discern that it was somehow made out of teeth.

Tooth gave a slow nod.

It was enough to get Luci’s skin crawling. He took off the jacket and put it neatly on the side before proceeding to take off his boots. “I think I’ll wash my hair now,” he muttered.

“Good.” Tooth stepped closer and watched Luci’s every move. “Get undressed.”

Luci stilled, trying to comprehend the wave of excitement those last two words sent down his body. But with all the threats, the last thing he wanted was to get a boner in front of the guy. He pushed off his boots and socks, all the while fighting the heat rising in his chest. So maybe Tooth had that pirate thing going on, but with the unruly hair and the beard, the thick arms and the leather cut, he was more of a sexy Blackbeard than some hobo.

Luci swallowed as he took off the leggings, feeling as scrutinized as ever. He could sense that green gaze sliding all over his skin, but he didn’t want to try to cover himself up, give Tooth the satisfaction of making him uncomfortable.

“Use whatever you like. I’ll get you a clean towel,” said Tooth, looking into the bathroom. The selection of products was poor, and Luci already knew the washing would be extremely basic, as he didn’t even see a conditioner on the small shelf by the tub.

Luci laughed nervously and started braiding his hair as he slowly approached the door. “Gentleman.” He twisted his body to have a look at the bruises on his ass. They were already turning a pale shade of purple. “Color goes with my eyes.” He tried to joke to diffuse the tension, but Tooth’s eyes became even more sinister, darker. Then he asked a completely normal question.

“Were you the king of your prom?” Tooth looked at the tattoo on Luci’s hip, a simple image with a crown and ‘Prom King’ written underneath.

Luci entered the bathroom which turned out to be bigger than it seemed from outside. The bathtub could easily fit two people. Not that Tooth would be impressed by an invitation.

“Yep, Prom King,” Luci said and leaned over the tub to start running the water. He made sure to note the window on the side. It had matted glass and wasn’t big, but Luci imagined he could scramble up there if needed.

“Get in,” said Tooth, and all of a sudden Luci felt fabric brush against the side of his buttock.

It got goose bumps to pop up all over Luci’s arms, and he jumped slightly. “You don’t believe me?” He laughed and looked over his shoulder to find Tooth towering over him like the sexiest guy he’d ever blown. That man had some presence, Luci had to give him that.

“You don’t look like the type, that’s all.”

“It’s easy to win when it’s just you attending.” Luci put one foot over the side of the tub to check how hot it was. “It was a private prom. V.I.P. only, you see.” Or more like no prom when you quit high school at fifteen. So at least he got a tattoo to commemorate it.

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