The Hotel Magnate's Demand

By: Jennifer Rae

Claiming the woman he’s always wanted!

After wrapping up the deal of the century, Sydney’s hottest property tycoon Luke Moore is in town and craving distraction. So when ravishing Amy McCarthy saunters back into his life he’s very tempted! When they met years ago Amy was totally off-limits. But now she’s all grown up and ready to prove it...

Luke reminds Amy of a past she’d rather forget, but his expert touch helps seduce away the memories. And when Luke insists on indulging their chemistry on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Singapore, denying his delicious demand is simply not an option!

‘I’m tougher than you think, Boss.’

Luke smiled. ‘You haven’t called me that in a long time. I think I like it.’

The wrestling stopped. The air in the taxi turned a little thick. Amy stopped moving and stilled her hand where it rested, on his thigh. High on his thigh. His hands stilled too.

‘You like it when I call you Boss?’ Amy’s eyes skirted to Luke’s lips. They were slightly parted. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to do bad, bad things to him.

‘I like you having your hand there.’ Luke’s voice was deep and he shifted his leg a little, underneath where her hand sat.

There was no mistaking what he wanted and how he felt. And it sent a thrilling ripple through her to think that she could finally have what she’d wanted all those years ago. Time alone with Luke. Luke wanting her. It was everything she’d wanted as an eighteen-year-old and she could finally take it—if she wanted.

Jennifer Rae

The Hotel Magnate’s Demand

Jennifer Rae was raised on a farm in Australia by salt-of-the-earth farming parents. All she ever wanted to do was write, but she didn’t have the confidence to share her stories with the world until, working as a journalist, she interviewed a couple of romance-writers. Finally the characters who had been milling around Jennifer’s head since her long years on the farm made sense, and she realised romance was the genre for her and sat down to release her characters.

This book is for the boys in my life.

For the boys who loved me when I wasn’t very lovable, the boys who cheered me up when I was feeling down, and the boys who took care of me when I needed it.

I’m grateful for you all.

But mostly this book is dedicated to the two boys who mean more to me than any other boy ever has or ever will.

To Archie and Max

The two boys I love the most.


THREE MILLION DOLLARS. The sweet, stupid lunatics at Amy McCarthy’s work were seriously trusting her with three million dollars? No matter how many times it happened Amy was still amazed that she’d managed to convince people she knew what she was on about. Didn’t they know that she was a five-year-old dressed in a twenty-six-year-old’s clothing? If they had, perhaps they wouldn’t have opened that bottle of champagne tonight and toasted her success.

Perhaps they wouldn’t have told her how proud they were of her for landing the biggest account in the company’s history. Perhaps they would have done what they should have and handed the account to Maree, or Thomas, or another of one of the senior PR consultants. The grown-ups. The sensible, reliable, practical grown-ups who knew what the hell they were doing. Not her. Who considered it a win when she managed to find matching socks to wear to the gym.

The grin on Amy’s face was almost manic as she pushed open the heavy door to Saints, the hip bar and restaurant in Surry Hills where she was meeting the others. Seriously. She totally had no idea what she was supposed to do with these new clients. They were the biggest luxury hotel chain in the entire Asia Pacific region.

She knew nothing about hotels! She was all talk. She knew that. She’d been able to sweet-talk people into anything since she was little. She’d even considered using her sales ability as her talent when she’d entered the Miss Northern Suburbs competition in high school. But she’d gone with magic instead. Which was probably why she’d lost. Either that or the fact that she’d been the dumpiest, plumpest, most unfashionable girl in the competition.

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