The Omega Team_Mission:Saving Shayna

By: Elle Boon

Chapter One

Shayna tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, looking around the crowded airport nervously, her Guarius violin clenched in one hand while sweat trickled down her back. Having a thirty thousand dollar musical instrument hadn’t seemed a big deal a couple weeks ago, but that was before she’d had a two million dollar Stradivarius violin stolen. Luckily the J&A Beare benefactor hadn’t blamed her for the theft, and the precious violin had been insured. Still, knowing someone had been in her apartment while she’d been sleeping was creepy as hell. Not to mention she’d been getting threatening letters, and they’d been escalating. Enough so she finally came to the conclusion she needed to come home and seek a little help from her cousin Athena.

Damn, Tampa was hotter than Hades in July. She pulled her hair back into a hairband, and looked for the nearest Starbucks. The picture of the liquid gold supplier was the first thing that had a smile forming on her lips. After ordering her vanilla latte with a double shot of espresso and one Sweet’N Low, she made her way out toward the baggage claim. She drank the entire thing by the time she made it to where her one piece of luggage would be coming out.

Tingles raced up her spine. A feeling of being watched had her looking behind her, but the busy terminal was too full for her to find anything out of the ordinary. “Just get your bag, and get out,” she mumbled to herself. The view of all the luggage already starting to come out of the shoot was a welcome sight as she waited for the bright floral hard-shell case to appear.

The sound of a child’s cry made her look up in time to see a little boy of about three racing toward her, his mother chasing him with an infant in a stroller. A pang of envy hit her at the image of the cute little guy, until he got closer and she could see his mother was losing him in the crowd. Without thinking twice, she moved into his trajectory, halting his escape. “Hey there, little man. Where are you off to?” Bright blue eyes blinked up at her out of a tear stained face. Keeping a firm hold on her violin case, she ruffled his hair. “My, you sure are a fast runner. I bet you ran like the wind. Yes, you did.”

“Oh my god, thank you so much.” The child’s mother reached them, her face red from her exertion. “Alexander James. What have I told you about staying right beside mommy?” She grabbed him up into her arms, and snuggled her face into his neck.

Shayna stood up, looking down at the sleeping baby in the pink onesie. “I figured you needed a little help. He’s a sprinter.” Her hand ruffled the boy’s hair.

“That he is. My husband is supposed to be meeting us.” The blonde woman looked around, then eyes that were similar to her son’s lit up. “Alex,” she breathed.

Again, that pang of envy hit as the woman and her family went off to embrace the man who was clearly the husband and father. Looking back at the conveyer belt, the colorful bag sat along with several others making its way around the circular contraption. She’d been on tour for the last four months and had sent most of her things back to New York, where her apartment was. However, the large suitcase was packed to the seams with clothes and necessities. Things she figured she’d need while she was in Tampa figuring out who the hell was trying to ruin her career, and possibly kill her.

Reaching for her bag, she was nearly knocked over as the man next to her tried to grab his own. “Excuse me,” she said looking up into a pair of wraparound shades. She’d shifted the violin case into her other hand, a fact she was grateful for since the man would have knocked into it as he jerked the banged up luggage off the platform and stomped away.

She had to wait for her own luggage to come around again, but then it was one of only a few pieces left, making it easy to grab and go. As she went to exit the airport, the couple and their two children waved at her. Not everyone was bad, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

Not wanting to alert anyone when she’d arrived, Shayna grabbed the first cab, allowing him to stow her large suitcase in the back. “I keep this with me.” She patted her beloved violin.

“Whatever floats your boat. Where to?” The cab driver stared at her through the rearview mirror, waiting for directions.

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