The Spencer Cohen Series, Book Three

By: N.R. Walker


This series is dedicated to every Spencer out there: for those who have lost everything but still have hope, for those too afraid to love again but crave it all the same, for those who have been through hell yet are still strong enough to smile, and for those who wear their scars inked into their skin.


On Saturday morning, I was manning the reception counter in the tattoo shop while Emilio was finishing up inking some guy. I flipped through the latest tattoo magazine, humming happily to myself, when the reason for my happy humming walked through the door.


God, I could just drink him in. I was so smitten with seeing him, I didn’t really even notice the two people who came in with him.

“Hey,” he said, giving me a quick kiss. He looked just as happy to see me and kept his hand on my back. “Spencer, this is Shell.”

Oh, yes. He worked with Shell, which was short for Michelle. They both did visual animation at DreamWorks. I’d given Andrew tattoo magazines to give to her and had spoken to her on the phone once during the week, very briefly. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Likewise. I’ve heard all about you,” she said with a smile, and Andrew rolled his eyes. Shell introduced me to the woman beside her. “This is my girlfriend, Wendy.”

I shook her hand. “Spencer Cohen.”

Michelle looked me up and down but soon grinned. “I can see why Andrew gets that glazed-over look when he talks about you.”

He pushed her arm. “Shut up.”

Shell just laughed. “It’s true. I work with him every day, and he never shuts up about you.”

He groaned and glared at them. “Anyway, Shell was the one who I borrowed the tattoo magazines for, and I told her to come in to see Emilio. Just to see about placement and stuff, not an actual tattoo.”

“Not yet, anyway,” Shell said. “But soon.”

“He’ll be free in about half an hour,” I told them. “Wanna take a seat?”

We sat in the little waiting area we often frequented for morning coffees and late night dinners, and Andrew sat right beside me and quickly held my hand.

“So what have you got in mind?” I asked Shell.

“Oh, I’ve drawn it already,” she said. “Well, the general idea. Andrew helped with body movement and that kind of thing.”

I looked at Andrew. “You did, huh?”

He shrugged and smiled smugly. “Like I said before, it’s what I do. Just Emilio’s canvases move. Mine don’t.”

Shell had taken out a piece of paper from her bag and handed it to me. On it was a perfect interpretation of Peter Pan. “Wow.”

“It’s pretty cool, huh?” she asked. “He’s always been my favourite character.”

Then out came another piece of paper. “And this one I drew for Wendy. We were gonna get them done together.” Shell smiled at Wendy.

The second drawing was of course Wendy from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I looked at both girls. “They’re really great.”

Emilio soon finished and joined us, inspecting the drawn pictures. “You really drew these?”

Shell nodded. “Yep.”

Then suddenly I had a great idea. I looked at Andrew and squeezed his hand. “You should draw something for me.”

Andrew blinked. “A tattoo?”

“Yeah,” Emilio said, nodding enthusiastically. “Totally. Then the girls can see how it works.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “I’ve been talking about getting another one.” I held out my arms, which were covered. “I just didn’t know what or where to put it.”

Emilio handed Andrew a piece of paper and a drawing pen. Andrew blanched. “Right now? For Spencer to get tattooed right now?”

I nodded. “I’m up for it.”

“Yes!” Shell cried. “You should!”

Andrew put the pen to the paper and stopped and stared at me. “Will you seriously get whatever I draw tattooed on your body?”


He lay the pen on the paper. “Then I will wait and work on it properly. I want it to be perfect.”

“Okay, for a bigger piece that’s fair enough,” I said. “So draw me something super quick and small. I have a spot here,” I showed him near my elbow, the blank space about the size of a quarter.

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