The Wanted Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins Book 3)(10)

By: Alexa Riley

“You missed a meeting this morning, and Dolly said you didn’t pick up your pies from MJ. You okay?”

“I’m fine, Blake. I didn’t get the messages, and I’ve been riding fences.”

He looks like he doesn’t want to be here as much as I don’t want him here. He nods, needing no other explanation, and waves goodbye. “Sounds good. I’ll get out of your hair.”

He takes off a lot quicker than I’d have thought. Normally my family wants to poke around and stay awhile. But him leaving so soon is a gift I’m not about to refuse.

Closing the door, I realize it’s gotten dark. It’s probably close to dinnertime. I walk back to the bedroom and find Addison sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It’s all good, baby doll. Just my brother Blake stopping by to check on me.” She hops off the bed and runs to me, and I scoop her up to hold her in my arms. “God, I love how you come to me.”

She giggles and places a soft kiss on my neck.

“You want something to eat?” I’m hungry for other things, but I want to make sure she’s taken care of.

“As long as I can sit with you again.” Her cheeks flush scarlet, and I hold her tighter to me, thinking about what we did this morning.

Placing my lips on hers, I kiss her slowly at first and then get deeper. I take over, sweeping my tongue into her mouth, and she moans when I do it. I grip her ass with both hands, rocking her against me. The hard ridge of my cock nestles between us as she moves up and down.

“Baby doll,” I grunt as her mouth moves to my neck. She licks me there, and then her teeth graze the sensitive spot under my ear.

It’s enough to snap my control, and I’ve got her pinned on the bed under me in half a second. She lets out a breath and a giggle as I reach between us to her jeans.

“I need another taste of you, and I don’t want it off my fingers. Let me taste that barely legal pussy with my mouth this time.”

She moans and raises her hips, helping me work the jeans off of her. I watch as her hands go to the button-up flannel, undoing it and exposing her naked breasts to me. She leaves the shirt on, just opening the front.

I start below her neck, running my palm down between her breasts, to her naked pussy. She spreads her legs, showing me her wet folds, and I lick my lips as I inhale the scent of her.

“Trace,” she moans as she reaches for me.

I entwine my fingers with hers, and we lock eyes as my mouth closes over her cunt. I have to break the contact when I close my eyes, groaning with desire at her taste. It’s even better than when I’d tasted her last time. It’s more delicious than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve never done this before, but I listen to her sounds and feel her body as I lick her clit and work my finger inside her. I’m so absorbed in her pussy that it takes me a moment to realize that the front of my jeans is wet. I must have cum when I first tasted her, but I don’t remember it happening. I was too lost in her body to care about my own needs.

Slipping a second finger inside her, I try to be gentle as I stretch her, getting her ready for my cock. She may not be getting it right this second, but she’ll be getting it soon enough. And when she does, I want to be able to fit in as much as I can.

With my free hand, I unbutton my jeans and let my cock out of its restraints. The sticky cum on me is no indication of relief because he’s still rock hard and an angry shade of red. I don’t touch him, just let him hang there fully hard and pointing at her, his desired target clear.

After that’s done, I reach up and cup her breast, then move back and forth between them, pinching each nipple. She writhes on the bed as I do everything I can to heighten her arousal and give her the best orgasm possible. This time when she cums, I want it on my mouth so I can eat her pleasure. Devour it into my body.

I suck her clit, and her legs tighten around my face as her back bows off the bed. I keep my fingers inside her cunt, strong and steady as I fuck in and out of her, my mouth covering her clit. I pinch her nipple and curl my fingers up to her sweet spot inside, and then she explodes.

She screams, not in fear but in absolute passion. She holds nothing back as her orgasm takes control of her body and she is a slave to my touch. I don’t change pressure as I work her higher and higher until she collapses onto the bed.

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