The Wanted Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins Book 3)(5)

By: Alexa Riley

Reaching down, I put my hands around her hips and lift her up. She wraps her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck as I carry her to the kitchen. I sit her bottom down on the counter and go to turn around, but she clings tighter.

“You want me to cook while you hold on to me?” I ask. I smile at how she clings to me. It makes my cock throb. I want her as much, but I need to feed her.

“Can’t you do both?” she asks, and I let out a laugh.

I hold her there for a moment, running my fingers through her hair with one hand and petting her back with the other. Her legs stay around my waist and her hands go to my bare chest, rubbing me there.

“Let me feed you, baby doll. You need to eat.”

Her stomach growls, and she giggles. “Okay, I might be a little hungry.”

She drops her legs away, and I take her hands in mine, kissing each of them before turning back to the stove. I feel her come up behind me and press her cheek to my back as I cook up some food. Her hands wrap around me and rest on my stomach as I work. Every now and then, I feel her warm lips on my back, and my cock twitches. I look down, seeing a tent in the front of my pajama bottoms, but I can’t really do anything to hide it. So I ignore him for now and go back to cooking.

Her fingers explore my stomach and chest, tracing all the dips and curves of my muscles. I get more aroused with each touch, but I love having her close to me, clinging to me with every step. It’s like she’s dependent on me, and for whatever reason that makes me happy. To know that I’m the one she wants, and I’m the one who has to keep her safe.

When I’m finished making breakfast, I plate us up food, piling hers as high as mine. I walk over to the table, holding our plates as she holds on to me from behind. I put them down on one placemat and then turn around, bringing her to my front. She looks down and sees the front of my pajama bottoms, and I watch as her eyes go wide. I’m not sure if it’s with excitement, curiosity, or desire. Either way, I like that she’s looking at me with hunger and not terror.

I’ve never been with a woman before, but I’ve seen my share of porn. I know my cock is bigger than anything I’ve seen on those, so I’m a little worried about seeing if we fit. My girth alone is going to give us trouble, let alone the length.

She reaches her hand out as if to touch me, and I take her wrist, bringing it up to my lips.

“Eat first, baby doll,” I say, as she licks her lips.

I’d love nothing more than to feed my twelve-inch beast to her teenage mouth, but I want to make sure she’s nourished in other ways first.

I pull her onto my lap and she wiggles her soft ass against my cock until it settles between her warm thick thighs. I reach out, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, and then start to feed her. I give her a few bites of food before I take one for myself. She hums with approval at each bite, and I decide that I always want that sound from her.

“The storm was pretty bad last night. I need to go out and check on the fences, so you’ll need to come with me. I don’t want you more than an arm’s reach away from me.”

Her eyes light up at this, and she cuddles into me more. “That sounds wonderful.”

“Good. Glad you’re in agreement.” Because if she hadn’t been, there might have been a problem. “Let’s finish up breakfast and then see if I can get you something to wear.”

She nods happily, wiggling on my cock, and I rest my head back a little, trying to breathe through it. I want to cum so bad, but I’m trying to wait. It’s as if she can hear my thoughts and she wants to push me over the edge, because she opens her legs a little and rocks against it.

“Baby doll,” I growl and grab her hips.

“It feels nice.” She blushes and tries to move again.

Her full, pink lips open a little as she gasps, and I can’t stand it anymore. I lean forward, placing my lips on hers and feeling her soft mouth on mine. She opens a little more in surprise, and I sweep my tongue in, wanting a part of me inside of her, no matter how small it is. I feel her melt under my touch, and I start to get aggressive, wanting more.

Breaking the kiss, I take in a deep breath, having never felt something so strong in my life. The pull to her is unreal, and I can’t stop myself from wanting her in the most basic and primal way.

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