The Wanted Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins Book 3)(6)

By: Alexa Riley

She moves on my cock again, and this time I let her. Because I can’t deny her something that she enjoys. I can feel the heat of her panty-covered pussy through my pajamas as she rubs against me. The teasing friction is too much and I can’t hold back anymore. My cock pulses, and I cum, spreading the warm seed against the flannel material, wetting the front of them.

“Oh, that felt good.” She says reaching down and rubs the warm, wet spot, and I nearly cum again from her innocent touch. She’s so innocent, but bold and curious at the same time.

I put my hand over hers and hold it there, letting her feel the throbs of my cock as I finish spurting. She’s breathy, and I know she’s probably aching, too. So I reach up and touch her panties, feeling the wet spot she’s made there.

“Let me make you feel good, too, baby doll,” I tell her, wanting her to feel the same pleasure I did. Needing it.

Pushing the panties to the side, I slide my pinky finger inside her and feel her clench around it. She’s so tiny, I have a hard time getting it in, but she’s slick with need and I make it work. After a second I slide my pinky out and she whines.

“Shhh. I think you can take something bigger now.” I use my index finger, feeling her tightness again, and it takes a moment for her to relax and let me in.

Her back is to my front and her legs are spread wide as I bring my other hand around to rub her wet clit. Her big green eyes open wide in wonder and want. She’s so sticky with need, and her pussy opens for my touch. I’m finger-fucking her a little harder now, trying to work her opening wider, wide enough so that she can take my cock. Not right this second, but soon. She’s mine, and I want to stake my claim. I don’t want another man sniffing around after her and her not be marked.

“Trace,” she moans, and it’s sweet like summer rain.

“That’s it, baby doll. This is your first time cumming, isn’t it? Your first time letting a real man get you off?”

“Yes.” The word is caught on a gasp as I pinch her clit.

“I want to be the first everything with you. I want to own your first orgasm. Do it on my finger so I can lick it clean. Let me see what fresh pussy cum tastes like.”

She cries out my name as she tenses in my arms and a rush of hot liquid coats my hand. I keep thrusting inside her, the slick sounds of it echoing in my kitchen, and she nearly screams the house down.

I laugh as I kiss her neck and then pull my finger from her tight channel. She gives me little pulses as I do it, and then mewls as I take it out.

“Don’t worry, baby doll. Soon enough you’ll be filled again.” I lick my finger, tasting her syrupy sweetness, and moan around the flavor. “Goddamn, you taste good. You should try it.”

I move my finger to her mouth and press it to her lips. She slowly opens up, and then her little pink tongue darts out, tasting herself.

“See? So sweet and creamy. I could eat this all day. Maybe one more taste.”

Reaching down, I push my finger back inside her wetness and thrust it in and out a few times. I feel her excitement build, but I want my taste. I pull out and bring it to my mouth, tasting her pussy all over again. A second time isn’t enough, and I don’t know that a million more would satisfy my need for her.

“Let’s get you dressed, baby doll, before I take you right here, right now.” I move her panties to cover her pussy up and pat it one last time. “I think my sister has some spare clothes here you might be able to get into.”

I pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom, thinking how badly I want to lay her out and taste her pussy right from the source.



He drops the hat down on me and the world goes black, and I can’t help but giggle as I stand on his back porch.

“I don’t think this fits either,” I tell him through my laughter. He tips the front of the cowboy hat back until he comes back into view. His face is drawn in concern.

“Maybe I should check the fences alone, or wait for another day.” I can see the unease all over him. It’s been there since we stepped out of the house. I can tell he’s not comfortable being outside with me. I can’t say that I am much either, but the excitement of going out on a horse with him overrides my fear. And I’ll be with him.

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