The new girl

By: Dorsai

My name is William Wilkins, and at the age of 15 I had an experience that wasn't just "out in left field", but clear out of the ballpark.

Like most guys about that age, I was stuck with the trials and tribulations of puberty. Unlike most guys, I had the benefit of having grown up with a sister (Eva, which I shortened even further to just "Eve", just a bit more than one year older than me) that I got along with pretty well. Not that we were best buddies, or anything, it was just that our folks hadn't tolerated any kind of fighting or arguments between us as we grew up; as a result, we were a lot more tolerant of each other's foibles. Not only did we play a lot of "show me yours and I'll show you mine", but even got to be comfortable with playing "Doctor" to a degree that I doubt our folks would have approved of. That attitude continued even after each of us started puberty, so that seeing each other only in our underwear or half-nude (or completely so when I could manage it) was no big deal of either of us; it wasn't that each of us didn't have other friends, but simply that we'd grown up that comfortable with each other. Since there were hardly any kids our ages in the immediate neighborhood, that was a good thing.

Our relationship was such that neither of us ever said anything (even to each other) about the small holes that developed that gave each of us a viewport from our respective closets into the others bedroom. I got plenty of chances to see how Eva's physical development compared to that of her friends during sleepovers, and even learned how girls masturbate; I don't doubt that Eva had much the same experiences.

That was how things worked in our house right up until a new family moved into the neighborhood in the middle of the Spring semester at school, of all things.

Naturally enough, what really got my attention about them was that there was only one kid: an attractive girl about my age. She wasn't as physically developed as my sister, but still clearly female; she had long, glossy black hair, trim legs, an ass that I immediately fell in love with, and a pretty face with slightly full lips and grey eyes. It didn't take long to learn that her name was Charlene Johnston, and that she was just a few months younger than my sister.

Eva and I were both looking forward to getting to know her, but we saw precious little of her outside of school. After several school days had passed, Sis told me that Charlene didn't seem to have been assigned to one of the mandatory physical ed classes — nobody that Sis knew had her during their period. That made Charlene something of a mystery, but since she remained aloof from everyone pretty much all the time, there wasn't a whole lot more we could learn about her, other than she got damn good grades in all her classes.

It wasn't until several weeks after school had let out that Sis finally got the chance to meet Charlene through the simple expedient of simply walking up to their door, introducing herself, and asking if Charlene would like to come over. Sis later told me that she could see that Charlene wasn't exactly thrilled at the invitation, but didn't have a polite way of declining.

The two of them didn't spend much more than a couple of hours together at first, but as the rest of the summer passed, the frequency and duration of their time together gradually increased. That continued after school started again, as well; Charlene gradually got somewhat friendlier with the other girls at school, but Eva was by far her closest friend. From the amount of time Charlene spent at our house, she and I also got to know each other better and get comfortable with each other. Sis informed me that Charlene and her parents had moved from several states away during the school year because of some unspecified event that happened at her previous school. Both of us wondered what possibly could have happened, but couldn't figure out what it might have been.

By the time it got close to Christmas, Sis and Charlene had become pretty good friends. Along the way, Eva's repeated invitations for a sleepover were declined — but each time it was with less enthusiasm, according to Sis. Shortly after New Years, Charlene agreed… but that she (Charlene) would have to talk to Sis first, and that Sis would have to promise to keep what she (Charlene) had to say as a Top Secret to never, ever be told to anyone else under any circumstances. The sole exception Charlene was willing to grant was for Sis to tell me, provided I was willing (and able, in Eva's opinion) to maintain the same degree of confidentiality.

Needless to say, both of us were wondering what the hell Charlene could have to say that even might call for that kind of demand for secrecy.

It was a couple of days before the two of them sequestered themselves in Eva's bedroom; I don't think it was any coincidence that some of Eva's stuff not only blocked the peephole I had into her room, but she had her radio turned up higher than usual so I couldn't hear anything, either.

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