Their Ex's, Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4

By: Shirl Anders


Tess Navarro ran through the rain, not caring that her expensive pink cowboy boots were getting soaked in the puddles across the parking lot. She snatched long red strands of her hair back off her face as she ran, knowing her leather jacket with the snakeskin embossing was getting soaked. This rain would ruin it ... her coolest jacket. She also thought her pink camisole was running dye streaks on the inside of the jacket, but she couldn’t care.

She had to know.

The rain burned her eyes, coming down so hard in the black of night it ran rivers over her face. She wasn’t a great runner, especially in cowboy boots, but this was where her husband had pulled into, and then went inside. She’d followed him. To Senta River Hotel. A hotel! When he’d said he was working late, trying to reel in a big talent. The biggest he’d agented yet.

She saw the hotel was quaint as her boots clunked across the parking lot, while she wondered how she’d find out where inside Steven had gone. Maybe she’d just go inside and ask for Steven Navarro’s room, then go to it and confront him. She tried to keep from crying at the pangs in her heart that told her he was cheating on her.

Thunder snapped overhead so loudly it nearly made her gasp in fright, but what she heard afterward chilled her to the bone. She halted, wobbling on her boots. It was a woman’s husky laughter saying her husband’s name!

“Steven, I love fucking in storms.”

The woman laughed again with her sickening, seductive laughter, while Tess’ heartbeat skipped as fast as her gaze trying to find where they could possibly be. Then she saw the covered balconies on the second floor and halfway down the building a couple was outlined in the light from deeper in a room behind them. She walked forward like a zombie toward them, while squinting in the rain running rivulets down her face. The shadows showed a man and a woman. He was lifting her up on the rail, then he was spreading her legs as she laughed with excitement.

Tess was just going to cry out in rage at them, when suddenly something heavy slammed into her from behind. A man’s hand clamped over her mouth as a strong arm cinched her waist, lifting and carrying her forward. She didn’t even struggle, she was so surprised. But the sounds of the couple fucking on the balcony above her probably took her alarm and strangled it.

The big man, holding her, carried her to the wall deeper under the balcony. Once there, he turned her spine to the wall, while his hand turned and stayed pressed across her mouth. All she could see of him was the brim of his cowboy hat pulled down low, while water gathered on the rim, filling and falling over to cascade down on her chest.

“It’s my wife up there,” he rasped lowly, with deadly anger in his voice, shocking Tess into statue mode, while she knew her tears fell over his hand.

Vincent Whitehorse looked down at the curvy redhead he held against the wall. She was soaked by the rain with her dark red hair hanging in ringlets and clumps, making her pale features look fairylike against her light blue eyes. Eyes that were dripping hot tears over his hand, but he couldn’t let her alert the cheating bastards nearly above them. He leaned against the woman, keeping her quiet while the sounds of screwing taunted them.

Not that he gave a fuck what his wife, Luna, did anymore. Except for a man like him, this was too fucking much. The grunts got more intense above them and the flicker of lights behind them showed the sway of bodies above. His captive moaned with distressed sounds, while looking up and curling her nails into his chest beneath his duster.

He moved, blocking her view of the humping shadows, and her hurt blue eyes lifted to his. He could see the pain beneath her spiky, wet lashes and it tore feelings out of him he didn’t want to admit.

“Fuck me, Steven. God, yes, fuck me harder!”

“Quiet, Luna!” a man’s voice ordered.

The redhead struggled beneath him, but he held her to the wall, dropping his head, praying the thing would get over with. The climax came minutes later and he squeezed his eyes closed, while his feminine captive clutched him closer, sobbing beneath his hand.

Then finally the bastards stumbled back into the hotel room, slamming the balcony’s patio door shut. Right then, a loud clap of thunder struck, making the woman jump against him. She had a healthy figure, like he’d never had an opportunity to feel against him before. But it was just half a man’s thought, before he lowered his mouth against her ear.

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