Turner's Vision

By: Suzanne Ferrell


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To my critique partner, Sandy Blair. Thanks for reading and pointing me to any big errors. It’s always fun to hear your thoughts on my characters and stories, but it’s heart-warming to know how much you hear my voice in each story. Couldn’t do this without you!


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The soft Southern voice whispered to him out of the grey mist.

“Micah, I need you.”


“I’m here. I hurt so badly.”

“Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you,” he said, trying to walk towards her voice, but the ground beneath him kept shifting and swaying.

“I can’t tell you. I don’t know.” Her voice broke and he suddenly saw her face. Bruised. Battered. Tears rolling down through soot, her silver eyes full of pain. “They hurt me, Micah.”

“Who? Who did this to you?”

“You know…” his sister said, fading back into the mist.



Washington, D.C. 1882

Hidden by the early-evening shadows, Micah Turner leaned against the light post across the cobblestoned street from the small library.

As he waited for the last patron to leave, he tugged at the starched white collar of his new shirt. He’d give a twenty-dollar gold piece to be wearing his deerskin tunic, Levi dungarees and calf-high moccasins. The confines of his fancy suit, and the humidity of late May in the Chesapeake Basin, had him feeling restless. Too many buildings, too many people.

Right now, he longed for the cool Colorado mountain air. Yet his visions—his own personal hell—gave him no rest. He must find his sister, Patrice.

When he left the mountains six months before, he’d only had a sense of uneasiness about her. Then a vision of her crying and begging for him flashed into his mind on the long train ride from Colorado to their old home in Georgia. There, he discovered she’d disappeared while visiting an old school friend in the nation’s capital.

A movement from across the street caught his attention.

Sliding to the side of the post, he lifted the newspaper in his hand, and slumped even more.

A tall, thin man—one Micah had hoped long dead, exited the library.

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