Unremarkable (Anything But #2)

By: Lindy Zart

Consciousness slammed into her, her first thought incomprehensible and undeniable.

Ryder shot her.

Disbelief, rage and something akin to disappointment fought within her. She was right about him. Honor should be happy about that, but she couldn’t be. Don’t think about it. As she fought to keep her thoughts off the traitorous boy, the stillness of the room took over. The silence seemed odd and out of place. It felt like she was completely alone, in some kind of surreal atmosphere. Where were the beeping monitors; the presence of nurses and doctors? She’d been shot—wasn’t she in a hospital? Shouldn’t she be?

There was nothing in the room, nothing but her and the bed she was on. She knew the room, or rather, rooms like it. It was not a standard hospital room. It was a UD/UDK facility type of room. The fact that Honor didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing didn’t sit well with her. And really, the foreboding creeping through her was telling her it was a bad thing; way bad.

Eyes shifting, she tried to see as much as she could of the immediate vicinity, but there was a heavy pressure on her, making it impossible to move too freely.

When she tried to raise an arm, Honor was dismayed to find both of them strapped down with thick bands of material. Like the UDs. She was being treated like a UD. Why? Helplessness erupted in her, causing the panic to intensify and the need to escape grow. Shouldn’t she have pain in her abdomen? She’d taken a bullet to her guts—why didn’t she feel anything? Nothing made sense.

Where was Nealon? Honor felt the prick of tears and wasn’t sure why. Were they because she worried for his life or because she was afraid he’d abandoned her? Gritting her teeth, she willed them away. They came back when she thought of her mother and sister. What they must be thinking, fearing. Did they even know where she was or what had happened? What had happened? She remembered being shot but after that, there was nothing except a hole for memories.

Air swooshed behind her, signaling the opening of a door, and Honor felt another presence in the room. She rapidly blinked her eyes to try to make the tears fade. It was already cold in the room, but this entity made it frigid.

“I see you’re awake. Faster than I’d expected.”

Honor froze, her sense of helplessness escalating. She was immobile, and she was next to a man that hated her; a man she was pretty sure gave Ryder the order to shoot her.

A leathery face framed by gray hair loomed above her, icy blue eyes studying her face. His not quite right smell permeated the room and Honor swallowed back a gag.

“You should be dead,” Superior August stated, his expression revealing nothing on his thoughts that she clearly wasn’t dead.

“Sorry…to disappoint you,” she gasped out, her voice brittle and faint from disuse.

A smile appeared and vanished within the span of five seconds. “You are unusually cocky for one relying on the care of others to survive.”

She glared at him, willing him to do whatever he was going to do and get it over with.

As though knowing her thoughts, Superior August smirked and straightened. “You were shot in the stomach. The bullet destroyed most of your internal organs. Like I said, you should be dead. The fact that you are not has made you a very important girl. Only UDs could survive something like that and you are clearly not a UD.”

He paused, studying Honor’s face in a way that made her stomach clench. “So what are you?” he mused quietly, his eyebrows lowered.

Honor stared back, not speaking. Her mind, on the other hand, was in overdrive. Shot in the stomach…should be dead…not a UD or a UDK? What?

“I want to say it’s from the UD blood administered into your system to heal you faster, but I’ve never seen anyone adapt so easily to that either. Most UDKs reject the UD blood and die. Or they go insane. You didn’t. You’re completely healed.” He paused. “You should have been dead before you even got here, really.”

August tapped his fingers on the side of the metal bed as he gazed down at her, the sound aggravating to Honor. “Which is why I let you live, and the only reason I let you live. You, Honor Rochester, are an enigma. And I hate mysteries. I’m going to have fun experimenting on you.”

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