Until We Break(2)

By: Jamie Howard

“What the hell, Luke?” She knows my name, but I can’t remember hers.

“Would you mind getting me another drink, sweetheart? I’m all out.” I flash her a toothy grin.

The pout evaporates and is instantly replaced by a seductive smile. “Sure thing. Don’t you go anywhere.”

As she pushes herself up, I give her delectable ass a pinch and she skips away, sand kicking up from underneath her sandaled feet. The giggle she lets slip has me rolling my eyes. Same game, different night.

The orange glow of the bonfire pierces through the thin fabric of her dress and silhouettes her tight body as she walks away, disappearing into the crowd. I readjust my pants and slip into the press of people around me. I’ll find her later and finish what we started, but I’m not quite ready to leave. My dick can wait a few more minutes.

I snatch up a beer and suck it down, loving how cold it feels trickling down my throat yet knowing it’ll send a blaze through my veins, heating me from the inside out. Despite the way the wind whips across the beach, my shirt clings to me, damp with perspiration from the combination of alcohol and the leaping flames.

“Hey, Evans.”

I turn toward the voice, picking my friend Dennis Archer from the crowd. He walks toward me, one hand wrapped around a cup of beer, the other shoved deep in the front pocket of his jeans.

“Archer.” I nod my head in his direction.

“You see the newbs?” He motions with his eyes to two girls huddled in the small circle of light thrown off by the fire. Already a flock of guys circle them like seagulls around a coveted pizza crust.

Standing at least a head taller than most of the guys around me, I have no difficulty seeing over their would-be admirers to grab a peek. The first girl has legs so long she could probably wrap them around my waist twice if she straddled me. Her hip-length mahogany hair hangs around her like a shiny curtain, rubbing against the bare expanse of skin between her shirt and shorts.

The other girl looks as out of place as a nun at a frat party. Her yoga pants and gray T-shirt cover up the important bits, and her blond hair is swept back into a tight ponytail. With the combination of her arms folded across her chest and that forced smile, she’s giving a clear Fuck off vibe. Christ she’s tiny. Her nose would probably get lost somewhere around my chest. Although, tiny women do have their perks. They are, after all, much easier to pin up against a wall.

I crumple the red plastic cup in my hand and toss it to the ground. “Looks like we’ve got a dud.”

Her glare snaps to my face, although she couldn’t possibly have heard me. She rakes it up and down my body, probably seeking out my flaws, though I could tell her she’s gonna have to look a hell of a lot harder than that to find them. Her nostrils pinch in like she’s smelled something rank. Drawn back into conversation, she turns and nods in response to someone.

Archer laughs into his cup and elbows me in the ribs. “I think she likes you.”

“Give it time. By the end of the summer she’ll be begging for it just like they all do.”

“You’re a cocky shit, you know that?”

I flash him a smile. “It’s one of my best qualities.”

My redheaded sprite returns, drink in hand. I take it from her, drain it in one gulp, and toss that cup away, too.

“You ready to get out of here?” I ask.

She molds her body against mine, tracing one hand up my stomach. “You know I am.”

At some point in the last few minutes, the sand started imitating the ocean. I squint one eye closed and try to force everything to stay in place, but it keeps up its spinning motion.

Dropping an arm around her shoulders, I tug her up against my side, using her body weight to stabilize myself. Her shoulder digs into my armpit as she tries to keep me going straight, but we zig and zag across the sand through the group of people.

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