Vulture (a Stepbrother Romance)

By: Emilia Beaumont

He’ll get under my skin, peck at my bones, and rip my heart to shreds.

My stepbrother, Harvey, preys on the innocent, the vulnerable, and weak. Discarding them without a second glance when he's had his fill. Businessman of the year, he thinks he’s hot stuff. And he’s the last person I need in my life right now. One abusive relationship was enough.

When I lost my husband, my whole fucked up world collapsed. I hate that he's dead, and I hate that I wasn't the one to kill him.

Can’t Harvey understand I need time to grieve? That after everything I’ve gone through I need to get back on my feet and process the emotional wreckage? I don’t want to revisit the dark places. Except my stepbrother refuses to take no for answer. He’ll lead me places I don’t want to go, force me to tell him things I do not want to admit to.

But whether I like it or not, he’s the only that will listen to me. I can’t get him out of my head and hate the effect he has on me. One look, and I long for his hard body against mine. Yet the pleasure might not be worth the pain, because once he has me trapped in his talons, he's going to drag me kicking and screaming back into the light.

No, it’s too soon. My trust levels are running on empty.

I barely survived one nightmare, I don’t know if I can outlive my wildest dreams.

* * *

Sneak Peek!

I gasped as his hand moved and was now skidding up between my thighs, his thumb gently exploring the thin material of my panties beneath. I moaned and closed my eyes; it’d been an age since I was touched there. “You’re going to make me late,” I whispered.

I shivered all over as he pulled the crotch of my panties to the side, his finger exploring my swelling pussy. “I don’t care.”

The tips of his other fingers, encouraged me to lean forward to kiss him, and with a sweep of his tongue my lips parted. A low growl sounded out in the back of his throat; our mouths moved, and his finger breached my entrance.

I moaned against his lips.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me,” he said between kisses, asking for permission.

* * *

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“Take it off,” I demanded.


Eugh, I hated it when they talked back, asked questions. Why couldn’t they just do as they were fucking told? Was it too much to ask that they didn’t open their mouths? Unless, of course, directed to.

“Take it all off,” I repeated slowly, enunciating each word.

The five foot six bottled blonde cocked her head to the side like a dumb, untrained puppy. And if it wasn’t for her manicured hand that was already down my pants, false nails wrapped around my cock, I would’ve given up and made my way back to the awards ceremony, but I needed the release—the swift, mind-numbing bliss that came from knocking one out as I planted myself balls-deep inside a nameless stranger.

I pulled impatiently at the straps of her dress, black and hugging her tight little figure. She was a nameless waitress who’d caught my eye and who I’d managed to lure into the deserted bathroom. Her dress was plain, a regulation uniform, something demure to fit with the occasion of the night, but all I cared about was getting it off her, eager to see her tits bounce free.

“There’s a zip,” she whispered as she fumbled, trying to stroke my trapped cock.

I shook my head, frustrated. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the tight material. Either way, she should be on her knees already, worshiping me with her mouth, and yet my fly was still intact, her plastic nails painfully grazing the skin. Teeth clenched, I hissed; enough was enough.

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