Wasted:Falcon Brothers (Steel Country Book 3)

By: Mj Fields

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“Hallelujah” by Gyth Rigdon

“It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” by Travis Tritt

“See You Around” by Cole Taylor

“That One Is My Dad” by Keni Thomas

“Body Language” by Gyth Rigdon

“Bless the Broken Road” by by Rascal Flatts

“Cop Car” by Sam Hunt

“Circles” by Jana Kramer

“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” by Brantley Gilbert

“Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban

“Flatliner” by Cole Swindell (Feat. Dierks Bentley)

“Gonna Wanna Tonight” by Chase Rice

“Middle of a Memory” by Cole Swindle

“Porch Swing Angel” by Muscadine Bloodline

“Lights Down Low” by Max (Feat. Gnash)

“Craving You” by Eli Young

“Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rick

“Why Can’t I” by Liz Phair

“You Won’t Ever Be Lonely” Andy Giggs

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To The Reader

Each choice that we make steers us in a different direction on life’s broken, but beautiful road. A road with no map or directions.

Some of us make choices that are not easy, but and are made in order to make it easier for those we love.

I have regretted choices I have made in the name of love, but never regretted any made for those who deserve my love and who truly love me the same. That is love, real love. It goes both ways.

It is never going to be easy all the time. We have to expect that, because life is a lesson full or trials, tribulations, self-reflections and evaluations.

True love is worth stepping outside of your comfort zone, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to the possibilities you may have once believed only were dreamt up for fairytales and happy ever after’s.

At a new stage in life, I am again faced with making choices for those I love, and still being open to its possibilities.

The hardest thing for me to embrace, is that sometimes, as hard as it is, we need to choose ourselves.

Be brave, be bold, be beautiful, because you are.


*This book does contain triggers in the form of flashbacks in dealing with non-descriptive, physical and sexual abuse*

Haunted and hidden.

Mysterious and sexy, Grayson Falcon steers clear of commitment in all forms. He takes the road less traveled, avoiding the demons of his past and the nightmares they cause. He uses his good looks and country charm to attain pleasure, but it is always a short-lived reprieve.

Sweet and scarred.

Once believing that love can conquer all, Mandee Carlin’s life was then turned upside down and inside out. Her beauty queen good looks and sweet smile always caught the eye of the wrong kind of man. However, as a survivor, she still holds on to hope that one day she will come face to face with the man whose whispered words will give her strength to still believe.

What happens when the hopeless find hope...at the wrong time?

Love is...Wasted.



“Desserts are for after dinner,” Mommy tells me as she smiles and takes away the box of chocolates her friend Mags sent from the United States of America.

“But, Mommy...” I whine, sticking out my lower lip and pouting slightly. This usually works, as long as Daddy doesn’t know. He doesn’t like us to eat chocolate. He says it’ll make us fat.

“But, Grayson...” She smiles, mussing up my hair then placing a kiss on my nose. “After dinner.”

Then she’s gone, but the chocolates, they are sitting on top of the refrigerator. I know I’m going to get in some trouble, but I just can’t help myself.

Pulling out the bottom drawer, I step onto it. Then I pull myself onto the counter, reaching up to grab the box off the refrigerator. Once I have the box, I sit on my bottom on the counter then slide off, shoving the box under my shirt as I run down the hall, up the stairs, and into the bedroom I share with Garrett. We have our own rooms, but now I stay in his.

A few months ago, when I heard him crying at night, it scared me, so I went in and saw he was sleeping under his bed. I laid next to his bed and held his hand. He didn’t cry anymore, and he didn’t tell me to leave, so now I stay in there every night.

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